“He attacks me every day. With barbarities! This must stop. We must unite as a party and direct barbarities such as Willie Horton ads at the OTHER party.

I hope Trump doesn’t try to deport me for speaking in Spanish! Our party needs to be responsible about xenophobia and confine its efforts to things like questioning Obama’s birth certificate.

And we surely must not let Trump get away with claiming to be smart at economics. I have claimed that I can deliver a 4% growth rate, so I know an economic charlatan when I see one. There isn’t room in this party for more than one kind of economic twaddle, and that is the more-tax-cuts-for-the rich kind. Trump doesn’t even seem GRATEFUL for all the gratuitous tax cuts we have given him.

On immigration, he doesn’t even understand how the system works. He doesn’t realize that here in the Republican Party, we recruit and cultivate voters with anti-immigrant feelings, but we don’t DELIVER anything to them. He doesn’t even understand basic party bait and switch.

He doesn’t have any grasp of facts and he’s all bluster and snake-oil salesmanship with the misinformation he does have. Trust me on this. My brother understood that the only way to do this correctly is in foreign affairs, where you can start a war and then blame the outcome on your successor. Would I have done the same as my brother? Yes! And no. And sort of, and maybe, and yes. Trump doesn’t even get that sort of non-straight talk, the kind that has gotten this party, and this country where it is today.

And as for his saying that I’m a low-energy candidate, I could rebut that too, but I’m really so tired of all this now.”