Even though Gov. Chris Christie was bumped from the main stage for this debate, he made sure everyone knew which presidential candidate he was aiming for.


Rick Santorum doesn’t seem know much about the American health care system.


Mike Huckabee admits we will shop ’til we drop.


Senator Marco Rubio says the country needs “more welders, less philosophers.”  Because Americans are so over-educated already, of course.


Prior to the debate, Donald Trump complained about Starbucks introducing a plain red cup for the holidays and insisted that it proved there is a war on Christmas.


Carly Fiorina promised to repeal Obamacare and that the bill was written to benefit the insurance companies.  That’s right, but it wouldn’t have been any different under Republicans…


Jeb Bush thinking that at least he doesn’t have to call his big campaign contributors tonight.


Rand Paul said one of the more logical statements during the debate, actually.