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Trump spokesperson John Miller gave out some actually useful information

(Tom Toles)
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I don’t know about you but I learned a few things from Donald Trump’s made-up ventriloquist phone PR person.

I learned that candidate Trump doesn’t talk the way he does out of some kind of voter calibration. He actually talks that way and must think that way too. ALL THE TIME. And while some may chalk up that fact to evidence that he’s genuine in some way, it actually is further proof that he’s a crazed charlatan and always has been.

I learned that he’s not as fast on his feet at his own game as one would have thought. When confronted with questions about ‘John Miller,’ the obvious play would have been to say, “Of COURSE it was me! I love pranking reporters and it was some of the most fun I ever had!” Instead he made a preposterous denial, and later hung up on a questioner. Instead of hanging up he should have transferred the call to John Miller.

I also continued to learn that the history of Donald Trump is an absolute Trump Tower of damaging behavior. It is a hundred uninterrupted stories of dissembling, self-regard, abuse of people and relationships, excuse-making, misdirection, braggadocio, self-love, insecurity, lying, and peculiarity of the cheapest gold-plated tin imaginable. And we are just getting started in this tawdry review. Just about everyone has known that Trump was close to the worst imaginable material to make a president out of, but we’re learning now that we didn’t know the half of it.