That didn’t take long. In fact, in a captivating display of Einsteinian relativity, it happened even BEFORE Trump lost the election. The GOP soul-searching didn’t take much time, presumably because there wasn’t much to search.

But they have reviewed the political landscape anyway, and here’s what they have decided they see. They see their horrendous botch of the nominating process, resulting in a loathsome standard bearer unworthy of any morally respectable political party, as a simple misstep, is all. Trump is good enough to support, no not support but vote for, sort-of. You know, pragmatism.

His imminent drubbing is already being taken as signifying nothing in particular. Not about their party, their agenda, their base, the coy message they’ve been cultivating, or their future.

No, what they have learned instead is that they must further tighten their remaining grip on the windpipe of American democracy, and see if in their weakened state they still have strength enough to kill it off entirely.

Senator Ted Cruz, their smarter wingnut alternative to the passionately ignorant Donald, has announced that Republicans don’t need to vote on Democratic nominees to the Supreme Court in the fourth year of a president’s term, or the first, second, or third either. He is now advocating for Court Unpacking, in which the court apparently can operate understrength forever or dwindle into nonexistence, unless and until the country straightens around and elects a president of HIS party. This echoes a very similar threat made recently by Senator John McCain.

And over in the other august legislative chamber, House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz is promising yet more “years” of Investigations of Hillary, not even waiting for new fabrications of malfeasance that will surely commence before she even completes her oath of office. What we are seeing is an entirely new level of GOP cynicism. Who knew they had so many sub-basements?  Looks like the durable DC dream of bipartisanship will have to wait another four years or eight years or twelve years….

The sound you hear is a death rattle. Of The Republican Party, and perhaps your government that they now apparently hope to take down with them.

Tom Toles