(Tom Toles)

What can you say at this point? Not only have members of the GOP nominated someone they themselves identified during the debates as a charlatan, but now they have mostly fallen in line to support him.

It gets worse. They are already declaring that a Hillary Clinton win will not be acknowledged. The party that bills itself as the strict-and-sacred-Constitution party is now talking about letting the Supreme Court waste away to nothing rather than let a Democrat appoint any justices. They murmur darkly about impeachment based on an imaginary indictment for which there is no evidence.

If Hillary Clinton wins, which she will, it’s going to be “the election was rigged, illegitimate, illegal somehow, not valid, not binding, not acceptable, won’t be acknowledged, will be fought, will be obstructed, will be logjammed, will be stalemated, will be brought down.” This is not the thinking you ought to find in a normal democracy, but these ideas are being floated before the results are even in.

This is all from the party whose core principle is tax cuts for the rich, a principle that endures in the face of evidence that the only result these tax cuts bring economically is … wait for it … making the rich richer. And speaking of evidence, what fun is wrecking American democracy and economic health if you can’t bring down the global ecosystem with it, by repudiating known climate science? And don’t forget the side benefit of destroying public acceptance of real science into the bargain!

This is no longer a party that sees itself as part of an American system of governance. It’s becoming a disease in the body politic. It has been said that the party needs to do some serious introspection. More accurately, I think the party needs to see a doctor.

Which is why, no doubt, it is so feverishly intent on destroying Obamacare.