When are we going to get there? When are we going to get there? You said we’d be there by 1984! When are we going to get there?

Well, we’re late, but at last we have arrived.

Donald Trump is turning in a truly Orwellian performance as president-elect, appointing Wall Streeters and other rich people to implement his “populist” presidency, generals to run a “civilian” government and various types of racists and far-right oddballs to help him reach out to all Americans.

His program, so far as we know at this point, is a plan to reward the struggling working class by cutting their health insurance and giving a big tax cut to the rich. You’re welcome. His plan to drain the swamp is to drain it into his own business interests and essentially become the swamp. But it will be the best swamp, you can be sure.

And now, in perhaps the most “down is up” move yet, he is installing an active enemy of climate stability to protect the environment. There is no plausible explanation for this. Scott Pruitt is being described in the media as a “climate-change skeptic,” a phrase that at this point has about the same meaning as describing a nominee for secretary of state as a “spherical-Earth skeptic.”

The science on climate is not in dispute anymore and hasn’t been for some time now. Yes, you can still find people who doubt it, but you also can find someone who will walk into a pizzeria with a loaded weapon and fire it because he believes that a former presidential candidate is running a child-sex ring there. Someone who was quoted afterward as saying that the “intel on this wasn’t 100 percent.” Well then. I guess that makes him a pizzeria-child-sex-ring “skeptic.”

And the science on climate is not only fully settled; it also is increasingly dire. Storms are getting more severe and freakish by the month, and Trump’s tweet storms are merely one example. We are passing tipping points on a consistent basis now, and yet somehow the media still treats it as a debate, and the new administration treats it as a joke.

Well, you know what they say in “1984”-land: Tragedy is hilarious.