(Tom Toles)

Chapter 1,000,000 in the ongoing media-fail on climate change coverage.

People don’t care about climate change, we are constantly told. It doesn’t affect them immediately. Rising sea levels? Too much in the future, and anyway, most people think it will help by drowning all the liberals in the coastal cities. (They don’t realize that we will simply float to higher ground in our information bubbles.)

The death of the Great Barrier Reef? Yawn. Most people have never seen it, and anyway, it’s on the other side of the world! (They don’t realize how close the other side of the world is when the world is flat.)

It doesn’t touch real Americans (red-state conservatives) now, and not where they live. Except when it does. How about extreme drought and wildfires that roar through Kansas burning ranches and buildings, killing people and burning cattle alive? Real people! “It’s our life.” Heartlanders! “Our Hurricane Katrina” (another disaster either influenced by or emblematic of the upcoming devastation we are baking into the American pie).

But will this serve as a wake-up call for climate action? No, because the story manages to start and finish without once mentioning the obvious questions. How much did climate change affect the extreme weather that led to the fire? Can we expect more of this and more frequently and still more damaging if we don’t stop loading carbon into the barrel of the gun we’ve pointed at our own heads?

Don’t expect the media to be up to the task of sufficiently red-flagging this ongoing, now real-time real-people disaster.

They, like everyone else, are too busy monitoring their phones for President Trump’s next sizzling tweet.