Editorial cartoonist

Jan. 20: Sketches from the Trump inauguration

Trump started his presidency with a bang just minutes after being sworn in, delivering a divisive and aggressive inaugural speech with plenty of red meat for his base.

Feb. 6: Read Trump’s lips

One of the first actions of the Trump administration was to announce a travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries. Judges from several states struck down the ban while the Trump team stepped all over themselves trying to explain that it wasn’t really a Muslim ban.

Feb. 22: Make America dirty again

During his presidential campaign, Trump promised to bring back the good ol’ days and plenty of jobs for coal miners. While he won’t bring back their jobs since nowadays natural gas is more commercially profitable, he certainly will bring back the good ol’ days of dirty air with his gutting of the Environmental Protection Agency and air and water regulations.

Feb. 26: Trump continues his attack on a free press

Trump complained endlessly during the campaign and into his presidency that the news media were treating him badly and that they never complimented him on anything he did. Trump doesn’t know the difference between the role of a free press and his personal PR firm.

March 5: Trump needs an intervention

There was lots of wishful thinking that a President Trump wouldn’t be tweeting like Candidate Trump. So much for that.

March 6: A nothing burger with Russian dressing

When questioned during an interview about the Russian ties to the White House, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) called it a “nothing burger.” One hundred days into Trump’s term and now former national security adviser Michael Flynn is under investigation by the Pentagon for payments Flynn received from groups related to Russia and Turkey.

March 12: Trump properties are a bigly conflict of interest 

After numerous calls for Trump to divest his properties before the inauguration in order to avoid a conflict of interest, Trump instead claims to establish a so-called blind trust where he turns over the management of the businesses to his two sons.

March 19: The Trump administration’s budget priorities

Trump’s regular weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago cost at least $2 million each time he heads south.

April 13: Trump’s many, many red lines

Trump’s supporters don’t seem to have any red lines when it comes to Trump’s behavior or actions.

April 14: The media and military merry-go-round

Military action and media coverage feed on each other in an endless cycle.