(Tom Toles)

The data are in. The effects can be seen everywhere. The trajectory is known. The Trump administration is thinking it over. This is simply one more preposterous aspect of this group of power-holders that we are somehow supposed to accept as within the bounds of normal governing. It’s not. It is an example either of criminal-level disregard for human welfare, or outright insanity. Let’s leave open the possibility that it’s both.

While the media has (sort of) been catching up to the known, measurable crisis that is an absolute, terrifying fact, it is still way behind on the terrifying part.

In what other universe would the coming inundation of Florida be so thoroughly ignored? Even here in this account, an effort seemed to be required to frame it as a story about real estate prices. The only silver lining in this is that Trump owns some of this property. It is scheduled to become another swamp he won’t be able to drain.

No, Trump and his crew of swamp alligators are reported to be trying this week to see how they can finesse this issue. Picture, if you will, the finesse with which alligators would dance such a ballet. I have attempted to help you with that. Should the United States pull out of the Paris accords altogether and pretty certainly doom the prospect of a stable climate over the next century and beyond, or should they be more “responsible” and simply settle for the havoc they have already set in motion with a vengeful and horrific set of initiatives?

And yet, still the deniers work relentlessly to spread their lies, even now that they are in a position to know full well what harm their actions will end up inflicting. This is not normal. It is not sane.

The situation has reached the outrage level. People should be out in the streets demanding action. Oh, yeah, they will be. Saturday. I hope you are among them.