(Tom Toles)

Yes, it’s awkward to keep looking the other way while President Trump is actively sabotaging his office and the global standing of our country, but politics is, after all, the art of the possible. And it simply won’t be possible to pass the GOP agenda without Trump’s diminutive digits maneuvering the signing pen.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was chipper and helpfully candid about the situation over the weekend, as he described the agenda, out loud, in his apparent belief that Trump’s base will never understand that they are the patsies here. Here’s the plan:

• The GOP health-care bill — yes, the immensely unpopular one that takes health care away from Trump voters — should be wrapped up by midsummer!

• The GOP’s tax reform effort — yes, the one that delivers monstrous tax cuts to the already bulgingly rich overclass and eliminates the source of support for things such as (oh!) health-care coverage for Trump voters — can be completed by the end of the year!

• This may even leave time for the GOP infrastructure plan — yes, the one that will sell off Trump voters’ ownership of public roads and bridges to private corporations at favorable prices, leaving the private companies free to bill Trump voters at a tidy profit!

Yes, all of this is awkward, to be sure. A triple bank-shot of audacious cynicism. But it can all be done, Ryan chirps, as long as the GOP can prop up the teetering Trump against ever-replicating investigations and get him to sign the bills before the apparatus of the executive branch and constitutional democracy implodes into a steam bath of smolder sinking into the swamp.

This is what one side views as a win-win-win.