The latest GOP plan to kill Obamacare is now just Ahab lashing himself to his white whale, in an obsession that defies all policy discussion. Republicans’ efforts have nothing any longer to do with health care at all. They are merely block-granting the money away, for health care or not. Whatever. Long gone are promises (lies) to provide more care for less money. They never intended to provide more care with less money. They never had a way to do that. They just said it because the words sounded so nice. They never had even the intention of doing that, except possibly President Trump, and only him because he didn’t know it was so complicated, and so he assumed that whatever he imagined must be possible.

But now we are at the haywire stage. The scorched-earth stage. The plan to kill Obamacare is now so fevered that the party supports any plan it can scrape up votes for. The actual plans that Republicans have been considering get worse and worse with regard to actual health care, as do their justifications for them. Congressional Budget Office numbers need not apply. Nor actual patients.

It comes down to this: Republicans don’t want government involved in health care, even IF the result is better health care at the best price. They say that it is simply impossible, despite evidence from other nations. This is nothing but blind ideology at work. And this is where that takes us: If the private market won’t deliver affordable care to millions of Americans, then they must do without. Simple as that. Do without, as in get sick, stay sick and/or die. Those dying may comfort themselves with a good book, such as reading Ayn Rand’s withering contempt for their weakness.

So goodbye Republican self-image as the creative, smart party looking for better ways to meet actual needs. They now have only one need: to destroy the government as a participant in American life. As a check on corporate power. As a guardian of product safety. As a protector of the environment.

Eventually, their constituents will discover that they’ve lost their health-care coverage, but by then the lawmakers will be well-paid lobbyists, and their constituents will be receiving good treatment in the obituary pages.