For 25 years, the last 10 with The Post, I’ve drawn editorial cartoons. Some administrations provide more fodder for creating satirical drawings than others, but never before have I felt the constant need to draw.

I live in Washington, and while sirens and flashing warning lights are common, there seems to be an increase lately — although it could be the ones in my head I’m noticing. Politicians’ dog whistles have turned into megaphones, lies are deflected with screams of “fake news” and crass egotism is in residence at the White House.

2017 has been a year like no other.

Spinning Trump

Read Trump’s lips

Trump continues his attack on a free press

A nothing burger with Russian dressing

It’s okay — Pence’s wife is there

Follow the leader

Trump’s many, many red lines

Trump’s presidency is coming undone

A Trump Cabinet meeting

Don’t worry your pretty little head over health care

The Trump effect on the office of the presidency

Don Jr. doesn’t fall far from the tree

Spicer finally lets go

A day in the life of President Trump

Remember Trump’s incendiary campaign

This man is an island

A visual guide for conservatives

Trump never has anything bad to say about Putin

The GOP needs to change its logo

Moore and his horse Sleazy head out of town

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