(Tom Toles)
Editorial cartoonist

It was quite an election. The voters voted, and they voted for a continuation of the moderate progressivism we had under President Barack Obama. Voters didn’t receive this of course, because as we know all too well by now that the electoral college has strange rules.

So we got a president instead who promised other things. But his voters didn’t get those things either.

The president we got promised expanded and inexpensive health care, balanced budgets, Medicare protected, and tax cuts heavily weighted to the middle class. We got pretty much the opposite of all that. What did the voters do to deserve a fate in which nobody got what they voted for?

I guess if you voted for a perpetual sense of aggrievement and spite, you are content, except that aggrievement and spite are pretty much the opposite of contentment. So no win there either.

President Trump won, but by some reports he didn’t actually even want to win. He is clearly in over his enormous head, floundering in a job he doesn’t understand and will never be competent at. Other reports of him storming about the palace stewing and shouting suggest he’s not happy either, and apparently the only thing he hates more than the job is the thought he’ll be kicked out of it.

Domestically, the strange brew of crazy economics Trump is injecting into our system gnaws at even the wealthy, who know on some level that instability is brewing, as they can see when they look down at their fingers, a blur of motion as they fly between the buy and panic buttons.

In international affairs, the hope that we might gain worldwide respect has been replaced by our becoming a universal laughingstock weirdo nation that nobody takes seriously. China in particular looks at the American mayhem and figures they have years to exploit purposeless confusion with their own steady program of advancement. The world neither respects us or even looks to us for guidance anymore. The only reason they look at all is to keep an eye our crazed instability, as they watch Trump’s little fingers, a blur of motion as they fly between the launch and stop-launch buttons.

And now the immigration debate. Even here we are failing. Trump said he wanted better people to come, but what happened instead is that anyone with an ounce of sense is staying as far away from us as a finite, overheating planet allows.