(Tom Toles)
Editorial cartoonist

If you are trying to plow your way through President Trump’s 2019 budget to understand how it may affect you, don’t bother.

The document is not serious, it isn’t intended to pass, it’s long and Trump hasn’t read it either.

But one line is something you might want to look at and contemplate: his desired cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency of 25 percent.

You may think that, oh, dirtier air might cause you to die a little earlier after a three-year coughing fit or that somebody else will end up with the REALLY toxic water, but maybe you want to think this through once more.

Why? Because the cuts to the EPA are of a piece with Trump’s entire environmental agenda, climate included, and climate may be about to come pay you a very personal visit to your very home, life and assets. If you want to see how much damage newly ferocious storms can do, take a look at two still-reeling U.S. territories — Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Blown … out of the middle class.” That’s right. The environment can affect your life right now, your home right now, and your economic status right now and maybe forever. And climate storms don’t just visit islands surrounded by an ocean, as Trump likes to call them. Tornadoes plow through regular U.S. towns in the Midwest. Flooding rains visit the South. Wildfires ravage the West.

But isn’t losing your house a small price to pay to punish the bureaucrats you imagine sitting around on sofas in Washington dreaming up ways to nibble you to death? Okay, go ahead and think that. You may get a chance to find out just how clever that turns out to be. And won’t insurance pay for it anyway? Maybe. But insurance companies are already starting to price these intensifying storms into the cost of your coverage. Why not risk everything to find out how long you will be able to afford insurance?

We are already busy canceling our biggest insurance policy anyway: a stable climate.