A ranking of best-to-worst presidents is out, and surprise, President Trump comes in last. Such rankings are, of course, imprecise, and we know this because they managed to measure Trump on this scale at all. How do you rank the truly rank? How do you assign any value at a all to a president who is in the process of destroying the presidency itself?

Trump isn’t the bottom of the barrel. When his administration thinks of a school massacre as a “reprieve,” he is the mold under the barrel.

How does anyone get to thinking this way? I’ll tell you how. When the world you are creating daily is this bad. When the slop you have filled the White House with is hip-deep and rising, you get so exhausted by the effort of trying to explain your way out of it, that anything, including the mass murder of high school students, is in some way, any way, welcome.

Trump’s initial response to news that the 2016 election was under severe, coordinated assault from a hostile foreign nation was basically “whew!” because he thought it may have sort of exonerated him. And speaking of the investigation of Trump’s possible connections to this election assault, after some further reflection he suggested that this investigation was somehow partially responsible for the school massacre. If you want a current measure of how low we have sunk, these recent developments will suffice. How do you even rate a presidency like this?

You rate it the same way you rate any defective product: You declare it unfit and discard it.

But uh-oh, this is just the kind of public safety enforcement that Trump has been busy disabling.