(Tom Toles)

And now giddiness. It apparently isn’t enough for President Trump to loot the treasury, undermine the free press and the Justice Department, wreck health-care insurance, blur his business interests into his governing, shoot off policy decisions from his hip, create an ever-lengthening trail of scandal and drive away his staff, now he provides the icing on the icing on the cake: mania.

Yes at the end of what was functionally one of the worst weeks of his presidency, he now is giddy. Does this make you giddy, too? One can only assume that it makes some of his supporters giddy. The glee he spreads might be likened to the opioid epidemic we are currently suffering from. Great feelings generated not from productive behavior, but from lethal irresponsibility. Enjoy!

To the opioid crisis, which Trump has been slow to respond to, to say the least, we now add the mainlining of bedlam, like an executive order to celebrate dysfunction at every level.

As the saying goes, only a fool laughs at nothing. Trump laughs at nothing short of havoc. He is the pusher of this latest intoxicant. And it is addictive. His hard-core supporters not only like it; they now seem to require it. And so far Trump is offering no treatment, only increasing doses.

Such great fun while the high lasts.