(Tom Toles)
Editorial cartoonist

The graspingness of members of this administration, limited only by the size of their hands, is an ongoing affront to any standards of clean government. It would also be an affront to his voters, to whom he made sweeping promises about getting rid of corruption, if they held him accountable for anything, other than attitude. The fine print of these promises, of course, was that if President Trump does it, it’s not corruption.

This exemption also extends to his staff, unless they draw too much scrutiny. And it’s not scrutiny into corruption that bothers him; it’s the attention per se to people who are not named Donald Trump. Trump does not like others to be in the spotlight, and a police interrogation lamp counts as a spotlight.

So far, Trump is backing Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, on alternate days, at least, and tells him to keep fighting. Fighting for what? Fighting for faster destruction of the climate, is what. And faster is what we are getting. Yes, the low-stakes corruption of Pruitt is just the tip of the iceberg. The only iceberg that may soon be left. The Antarctic ice is retreating, but that could be interpreted as GOOD news. The retreat of the ice at the other pole, after all, is viewed that way, as the administration sees it as an opportunity to … what? To drill for MORE oil, is what.

We can hope that this week’s attention to Pruitt’s cheesy cashing in on his government position will bring some brief but critical attention to the vastly larger catastrophe he is overseeing and in fact advancing.

Voters feel overwhelmed by the breadth of malfeasance and damage of this administration, and hardly know where to look or where to turn.

Maybe the most important place to look is at the global thermostat. And the most important place to turn is to turn this whole administration out.