(Tom Toles)
Editorial cartoonist

Fake facts! Fake facts! Fake facts! Does saying it often enough make it true? Apparently, the GOP has come to think so.

Diverting attention away from evidence and then spinning up fanciful alternative scenarios used to just be a convenient tactic that Republicans would use to confuse the media and confound the public. Deficits matter! Deficits don’t matter! Revenue must equal expenses! Tax cuts don’t count! Whatever the current political situation called for, Republicans could concoct a set of talking points to be delivered with the straightest of Paul Ryan faces, and the august, jowl-shaking tones of serious statesmanship that they had long ago forfeited any right to.

But now they have enough power that they are apparently listening to their own nonsense and acting accordingly. And much like what they are doing to the climate, they have now done to the federal budget.

This would have been the final reveal of their abject hypocrisy, but they had already dropped their seventh veil some time ago. They don’t want to deal with climate change, so they corrupted the entire discussion of the subject with lies. And while they still paid sporadic lip service to fiscal responsibility, anyone watching for any length of time couldn’t help but notice that they only warned about deficits when Democrats held power. Dick Cheney nicely covered two Republican administrations when he said in 2002, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter,” when George W. Bush wanted more tax cuts.

President Trump and his threats to our system of government are bad enough, but he is riding on the back of a completely irresponsible, hypocritical political party that is manically enacting policies that will ruin Earth’s climate future and Americans’ fiscal future both at the same time.

There are no adults left in that room. When is someone going to step in and say, “Enough!”?