(Tom Toles)
Editorial cartoonist

Just who does President Trump think he is? Don’t answer that. You don’t have to. Trump already has. He is a man above criticism. Won’t take it. Can’t take it. Can dish it out. Can’t take it.

He can’t take it at home, and he can’t take it abroad. Like a Dr. Seuss poem, he can’t take it here, he can’t take it there, he can’t take it anywhere. Now we see a headline that says, “Trump says Trudeau ‘learned’ from mistake of criticizing him, and it will cost Canada ‘a lot of money.’ ” And the typical-for-Trump thing is, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t even criticize him. He just pointed out that Canada wasn’t going to be bullied. Trump’s answer to that was, in effect, oh yes you are!

This, of course, came on the heels of Trump’s specific, personal criticism of Trudeau, against whom he has conducted a Twitter campaign and called “dishonest” and “weak.” So much for Melania Trump’s anti-cyberbullying campaign.

And for their prime minister’s efforts to stand up for his country, Trump now promises collective punishment for Canadians. Criticism of Trump now has been declared to equal financial punishment. “A lot.”

And as for Americans? Same story. Criticism of Trump results in a campaign, verbal or economic, against perceived transgressors. Where does this end? One thing should be clear by now. It doesn’t end by itself.

It either ends at the ballot box, or it doesn’t end at all.