(Tom Toles)
Editorial cartoonist

If today seems a lot like other days, it is not because Friday the 13th has lost its treacherous ambiance. It is because all days now feel like something bad is about to happen. And it usually does.

It likely started on inauguration morning, one of the worst in American history, when Donald Trump, at last having fooled enough-of-the-people-some-of-the-time, decided that for his big, dark speech he needed to tie his tie just a bit longer, and when he stepped in front of his mirror it shattered at the image and at the thought of what was coming. Seven years of bad luck right there.

While we await today’s dose of bad fortune, we can already look back with nostalgia on yesterday’s. I don’t know how much of the Peter Strzok hearings you were able to view, or stomach, but after a week in which Trump did his best to ruin NATO with reality-show tirades, his Keystone Cop minions in Congress were busy bringing that institution down to a new low. As John Kelly grimaced in Europe at his boss’s idiocy, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders blamed the look on his breakfast choices, Republicans in Congress indirectly supported Russian interference in our elections by casting a breathtakingly vicious daylong misdirection-of-attention at American law enforcement.

As it becomes clearer, day by day, that Trump’s accumulation of attention and power consists of the ever-escalating demolition of every institution that predated him, domestic or foreign, every day is another day of bad fortune. Another Friday the 13th for us.

Or is it “Groundhog Day” deja vu all over again? A woodchuck, a.k.a. a groundhog, reportedly came out of its burrow, saw the shadow of Paul Ryan’s car and crawled in to eat the “free continental breakfast of wires and gears.” The animal was later seen grimacing, and Sanders insisted to all that it was the same breakfast NATO had served Kelly.

TGIF nevermore. Thank Trump It’s Friday the 13th forevermore.