(Tom Toles)
Editorial cartoonist

Just when you thought the country might be coming slowly back to its senses, President Trump doubles down yet again. And yet again we descend the elevator shaft of perdition, to the sub-sub-sub-basement level of mocking assault victims. And once again, it may “work.”

In this case, “work,” of course, means Trump gets what he wants by rallying his schoolyard gang into taunting the injured. Trump framed his mocking assault on gaps in information at the exact same time that he was deliberately compressing the time given to gather that information. The interval he chose was the length of time between when the light turns green and the car behind you honks. Trump is the guy in the car behind you. Does he want the American people to get to the truth? Not when the people who may have some understanding of the truth aren’t interviewed. “As for this round of the investigation: I still haven’t been called,” says one such relevant person.

The truth, yet again, is being held down on the bed with an elephant’s foot over her mouth, while Trump stands there mocking, and the assembled laugh and laugh. And this is how Trump hopes to juice Republican turnout in November. And evidence so far suggests it is working as intended. And so we descend, down and down in another chapter of our lengthening nightmare.

From Trump’s point of view, it’s all win-win. Either the nation submits and he has his way with it, or it was all just a fine lark, fuel for laughs and winking yearbook vulgarity, and for which he will never have to pay a price. Because Trump goes through life with the Midas touch of always having somebody bail him out. This time he hopes it’s his base, counting on their base instincts.

No, the price is being paid by the rest of us, as the degradation we are enduring spreads and becomes institutionalized. Now he’s asking his base to ratify and reward him for trading justice for a justice, and for reasons of their own they are apparently enthusiastic to help him.

The blue wave will be met by the red tide, and the nation will decide who in fact we are.

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