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Opinion A Green New Deal is the infrastructure plan we need to be thinking about

(Tom Toles)

Need something inspiring today? I have something to tell you.

Right now we need one thing above all others: a dedicated effort to preserve the ecological health of planet Earth. And here’s how we ought to think about it. Big. A Green New Deal. And somebody is actually now thinking about it that way.

Let’s face it: The way the world has been working, certain things have gotten way out of whack. People feel disempowered. People feel betrayed by powerful interests that are looking out for the wrong interests. People feel a loss of meaningful activity and purpose. People feel that the benefits are accruing to the few, and the mess is being inherited by the many. All against a backdrop of catastrophic climate damage.

Meanwhile, the best the conventional political imaginations can come up with is tired thinking about a roads-and-bridges compromise deal to mark time until … what? The climate apocalypse? How about we actually do something vital instead? How about we find our meaning by doing something actually meaningful? A moonshot plan for somewhere just a little more important than the already desolate moon?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a newly elected Democratic representative for New York, apparently gets it. And she brings the gift that younger people can bring: seeing the world for what it is right now, and not through the accumulated layers of semi-failed and logjammed historic agendas. And she is articulating with conviction an inspiring solution to our broken world that actually is about fixing the things that most need fixing. A Green New Deal. It’s time for something fresh to grow from the ashes of Paradise.

Think it through. Instead of another day of despairing, you might get inspired for a change.

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