Most of us parents feel like getting through the every day is a little victory. We think about signing one kid up for soccer because he loves to run, let the other take ballet because she likes the tutu, or wait online for swim registration to open. Most of us don’t think we’re raising an Olympian or a prodigy from the start. But there are the few who do, and some of them have been profiled in these P&G commercials.

Yeah, you all are tearing up. Admit it.

But are you also feeling a little inadequate? Oh, come on. Tell the truth.

My truth? I’m a sap and I’m enjoying these ads. And frankly, I’m not the type to be at a rink at 5 a.m. to get my kid on the ice. But these commercials bring up feelings of wanting to be the support for the kids when they start to go in a particular direction. They make me think about those times when I’m not sure I should wipe the tears and coddle, or tell them to toughen it up and get back out there. And they make me think about the quick nature of life, when it was just yesterday they were toddling around in diapers, and today they’re winning a medal for… oh, right. And today, they’re skipping off to first grade, happy to play flag football at recess and trade rubber bracelets with friends. Good job, ad folks. You got me.