(Greg Lehman) Bring it, snow day. (Greg Lehman) Bring it, snow day.

Here we go again, parents. Do you ever remember a winter like this? I don’t, and I’m a native Pittsburgher. Of course, there was that snowmageddon year when we had a toddler and a very newborn under one small roof. But I was on maternity leave and it wasn’t a constant push and pull of who would go to work, who would go get the sitter, who would get the computer.

It’s been a rough one. But here’s hoping you also can find your perfect moments in the midst of this white stuff we’ve been complaining about. For once, the kids have your undivided attention for a minute or two (because what else can you do right now?).

So think about it as you’re pulling your son’s double socks on again before heading back out to finish the snowman. That’s a good moment. Oh, he has to go to the bathroom after you spent 25 minutes getting him dressed? You’ll laugh about that later. Can’t feel your toes? There’s a solution: go inside and savor a cup of hot chocolate with them. Find time to bake some cookies. Take videos of them getting frustrated that their carrot won’t stay. Because next year, if it snows again, those snow boots won’t fit them anymore. And they may be putting their own socks on. Or they may be too cool to spend time making Frosty. Or the tween she is now becomes that texting teen who has her own friends to take sledding.

Have a fun idea for the snow day? Share it in the comments here. Looking for something to do when you have your own moments? Check out our chat with Jennifer Senior about her book “All Joy and No Fun” — and then go find that joy in a day that forces us to have some quiet in the midst of the craziness.