The chaos of a snow day is nothing if not entertaining. Shall I entertain you? This is my life working from home today. But I know, this is yours, too. (Right? Can’t just be me.)

It was that lovely morning wake up call. “Mommy, the snow is up to HERE!” And then they spent their first minutes watching their dad shovel, until they couldn’t stand it anymore.

Oh yes, they threw their snow pants on over pajamas. Why not? And as I worked in my corner of the house, I tried not to listen to carefully to the deep conversations going on around me.


“Daddy, where are the hooks for the birdhouse? They’re not in my underwear drawer.” — The four-year old. (I swear I don’t know what he’s talking about.)

And then Awesome Mom, between a few work things, came downstairs to save the day and put wet snow clothes into the dryer before round two outside. Awesome Mom has what may be a first: A shattered wine glass in the dryer. Did you know that tiny shards of glass look just like ice crystals on tiny mittens?


No, I wasn’t drinking early. I am washing dishes in the laundry room at present time because of a kitchen rehab, which also is leaving us kitchenless during what would be a wonderful day to bake, cook and otherwise feel comfy around the heart of the home. Instead, I shattered a wine glass that was drying while putting wet snow clothes into the dryer. (What, you don’t have a dish rack on your dryer? You don’t know what you’re missing.)

Round two. The post breakfast street party.


They do know how to rock it around these parts.

By 10 a.m., there was a Dominoes maze with the satisfying click click click of tumbling pieces. (That took all of 10 minutes.) And back out, this time for snow football.

And then, this conversation between two friends: “I want to come into your room!”


“Because I want to see what toys you have!”

“I don’t have anything cool!”

Cue eye roll. Why is it so quiet down there?

Moving on to construction. As in, they found their way into the real “worker man” stuff in our house. And you know what? I’m just going to be okay with that today.


Because they also are doing me some favors. Well, at least I hope that’s what this means.


Windex for a 4-year old? Don’t worry, it’s for his 6-year-old brother. Much more experienced.

It’s not even lunchtime yet.

Lunch is over. (I only like red grapes. I don’t like green apples.)

Then my husband and I played this game. I’m sure he’d rather be playing snowball football, but guess who went to work? And so, until it’s time to sled with friends, this is where we’re at. (It’s educational, folks.)







Okay, got some work done, so we headed off to sled. Yay, me.


And yes, this one needed to go potty after we were all dressed. So off the three of us went, to the big hill “just around the corner” (ie: about six loooong blocks away). Off to meet neighborhood pals, ready for an adventure.

And the hill was great. For about 10 minutes. And then it started to rain. The walk home was daunting. There were tears (not mine, but almost), there was a lot of whining. There were little people yelling “Mommy, wait up!” There were 6-year-olds asking to be carried. There were bribes (“Hot chocolate as soon as we get home!”). There were all out collapses. And this money quote: “This is NOT the best day ever!”

I call that one “man down.”
Everyone is warm and cozy now. Hot chocolate has been sipped. Dinner is awaiting us at a neighbor’s house (thank you!) and the dad is on his way home. Tomorrow is another day.

(Did I mention that school is closed? Oh, I didn’t?)