Because I assumed this area would have one good snow, I never bought myself snowpants. I kept thinking: Well, that’s it. I won’t need them. And so I spent way too much time in wet, frozen, heavy jeans.

I have holes in my gloves, the ones I thought I’d wear for both going to work and playing outside. Knit gloves. Why bother with warm, waterproof ones? I didn’t realize I’d need the same gear I needed when growing up outside of Pittsburgh.

At the beginning of the season, we had three sleds. We don’t need all these, I naively thought a couple of months ago. Two broke. No need to replace them because IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO SNOW ALL WINTER HERE.

Even this guy is over it. (Amy Joyce) Even this guy is over it. (Amy Joyce)

And we have just one shovel. One of those orange plastic shovels, which now has blunt edges and really does nothing for sidewalk clearing. But are there any shovels left at the hardware stores? Not really. And why buy one now anyway, I thought oh, three snow days ago.

We ran out of salt two storms ago. The kids are refusing to wear mittens and we are about to reschedule our summer vacation because, well, snow days. And it took me all winter to buy myself proper snow boots. I finally gave in, but only after LL Bean was all sold out. No kidding.

Oh yeah, my husband and I took the who stays home quiz — often. And I live blogged one of our snow days at home, thinking (naively) that we should just enjoy it all. (We did, for a time.)

I usually am a love-the-snow kind of person. But like most of you, I’m over it.

So how about a few distractions to help you through what we hope is the last snow day of the year?


* For the parent who is so over it, a new and improved version of Goodnight Moon.

* For the parent who needs to distract that Idina (or whatever John Travolta called her)-loving-child for a few minutes:

* Just because who doesn’t love a flying baby?

* For a parent who needs a giggle, and a toddler who needs a lesson: Cookie Monster as 007.

* For those of us looking ahead to the warmer weekend: Teddy Bear Concert; Legos, Legos everywhere; The Corcoran as we know it may be going away, so take in what may be a final Family Day.

* And finally, for the parent (um, every parent) looking forward to springtime with the kids. Yes, spring.