Jo Frost of "Supernanny" fame. (David Carlson) Jo Frost of “Supernanny” fame. (David Carlson)

Toddlers, for all their cuteness, can be maddening creatures. They are often moody, emotional, demanding and prone to wild tantrums. For parents in the throes of the terrible twos (and the even worse threes), it can feel like a miniature monster has invaded your home.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Jo Frost, best known for her television show “Supernanny.” Frost’s latest book “Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules: Your Five-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior” offers solutions to the most common struggles parents have with toddlers.

“It’s about becoming more knowledgeable about your toddler and what his needs are,” Frost said in a phone interview this week, “and creating more routine and structure to support the child in your family.”

Frost’s book outlines how parents can use her “SOS Method” (step back, observe, step in) to address problems in five key areas: bedtime battles, being more adventurous eaters, general behavior and manners, social skills and early learning. She emphasizes consistency, structure and routine to help tame tantrums and address undesirable behaviors.

“It’s about behavior as a whole, about being able to step in with a game plan and solve issues day to day,” Frost said.

Jo Frost will sign her latest book at 5:30 p.m. March 7 at the City Club of Washington, D.C., 555 13th St. NW.