I have two boys. One is almost 7 years old. The other is 4.5. The older one is a jock and obsessed with baseball. The other is our free spirit and would rather don a Thor costume and look at cloud shapes than run bases. So between bike rides and baseball games, camps and playing with pals, here are a few things I think we can all enjoy in the warm months:

1. Farms. They both love anything to do with machinery, are interested in animals, and find joy in plants, flowers and things that grow. And so we will try to get to a pick-your-own farm or two, and absorb the country life that was a normal part of their parents’ upbringings. So maybe an afternoon at Frying Pan Farm Park, or picking strawberries or other fruit at Larriland or Clarkland Farm. Added bonus: baking together afterward.

2. Paddle Boats. We live in the city and are good about playing tourist. But for some reason, we’ve missed the Jefferson paddle boats. We’ll get there this year, and maybe have a simple picnic nearby. (And no, we don’t own a fanny pack, Maura Judkis!)

3. President Lincoln’s Cottage. The sporty guy in our household is also a big history buff, particularly the Lincoln variety. As long as the guy of kid’s nightmares, John Wilkes Booth isn’t in attendance, we’ll probably have a lovely hour or two finally checking this place out.

4. Ballpark Boathouse. This family loves all things Nats, and just the idea that you can hop into a boat nearby is reason enough to do it. After the paddling, Yards Park is a good place to cool off and splash around.

5. Arrr matey. This is a good chance to grab a friend or two and fight some pirates. The Boomerang Pirate Ship in Georgetown will be a true treat for the boys.