Remember those “Thanks Mom” commercials during the Olympics? I wrote about how they made me tear up. Just a bit.

I also noted that they were all thanking us moms (well, not me because my kids aren’t Olympians. But you know what I mean.), yet nary a dad was in sight.

Like so many things, I wondered, where are the dads? I think that when I see a commercial for a Swiffer or a cleaning product that can survive EVEN DADDY DAYS.

Never is a dad cleaning. Never is a dad concerned about what product to buy. Always they look like doofus dads.

Well, Dove finally put out a commercial honoring Pops. It’s sappy. It’s cheesy. It’s annoying in that it says “See All the Ways Dads Care” (um, they care all the ways, just like moms). And yes, it jerked a few tears.

Next up, ad folks? Try a dad in the grocery store, making a wise decision about the laundry detergent he chooses. It happens, honest.

According to the new Boston College Center for Work and Family study on “The New Dad,” 32 percent of dads with a working spouse served as a regular source of care for kids under age 15 in 2011, and 20 percent of fathers with preschool aged children served as the primary caregiver.

Watch out MadMen-type ad firms — dads are on the rise at home, which means more of them will be doing the shopping. And Dove’s on it.

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