I’d write a caption, but they don’t talk. Remember? (DHX Media)

Important news, folks. Teletubbies is back. Yes, that weird little show that transfixed a generation of toddlers (and perhaps a number of college students) with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, is back and modernized just a bit.

No new episodes have been made for a decade, but 60 new episodes will be produced for CBeebies, a UK channel. They will also be available to everyone on the Teletubbies YouTube channel. So will we, er, our children, be able to see the new ones on television here? Stay tuned.

The news, of course, was met with a lot of discussion of the best (and worst) shows of our own childhoods. Let’s ponder that a minute, shall we?

I always waited to hear my name in Romper Room. Not sure if I ever did. (Darn.)

Earworm warning. Great Space Coaster (“Get on board!”)

I will always be a loyal Mister Rogers fan, but hey, I’m from the Pittsburgh area, where there’s a statue celebrating him as well as a big portion of the fabulous Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.

Sesame Street. Of course.

And how about Fat Albert? Wouldn’t our school’s anti-bullying efforts kill that show now? Or at least change the name to, maybe, Friendly Albert.

Yes, I’m showing my age. I’m also grateful I am that my kids are just a little too old to revisit the colorful little aliens.

Or worse. The purple dinosaur (whew).