Summer boredom? Go with it. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

When my first child was born, BPA was finally getting the attention it deserved. I spent a gob of money on bottles that were hard to find that didn’t contain the chemical. Well, guess what? Looks like those were dangerous too. Time to drink from the creek with our hands, I suppose.

Guns kill children, write Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes in Slate. Compelling and yes, still heartbreaking.

Don’t forget about the older kids. Here’s advice for them from a professor on Grown and Flown.

One hour after vacation bible school, and she was already bored. “I have fed the entitlement beast,” writes her mom, who realizes that she was trying too hard to make every day magical. She goes on to tell her kids how to enjoy that boredom. Amen.

And maybe this isn’t human mothering news, but mothering just the same. Yak, yak.