“Who’s my pretty girl?”

“Don’t get your dress dirty!”

This new and powerful Verizon ad is giving us all a glimpse into what we might be doing to our daughters/nieces/girls next door by focusing on the girlie stuff and forgetting that they, too, are interested in science, mud and the solar system.

The ad was released earlier this month as part of a new push to get girls into STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields and is narrated by the Girls Who Code founder.

It kicks off with a little girl being told she’s pretty, being asked not to get her dress muddy in the creek bed, being told to hand a tool over to her brother and that her solar system project in her room is getting out of hand. It ends with her looking like she’s about to read a poster for a science fair, but instead is just using the glass as a mirror to put on more lip gloss.

According to the National Science Foundation, only 18 percent of college engineering majors are female. That disparity starts to appear at the undergraduate level.

It’s not everyday a commercial leads you to think about the way you live and parent, is it?