And they’re off! Now kids can take in the joys of Uber too. (Uber)

Hmmm. How can I write this without it sounding like a advertisement? I can’t. So bear with me.

Uber has saved my life. Coming home late, the sitter doesn’t drive and you live in a neighborhood with few cabs? Just Uber!

Decided to walk to dinner and all of a sudden it’s pouring, with no end in sight? Oh, hello, Uber.

Took your kids to the Smithsonian and you are all hot, hungry and so ready to get home like NOW and Metro is late? Oh. Right. No car seat in the cab.

Until now!

Uber launched UberFAMILY today in Washington and Philadelphia (it’s already in New York City, of course). This means with a swipe of the phone, you can get a car, driver and car seat right to you.

Sound a little creepy? As in: Um, what kind of car seat is that? Wouldn’t it be safer if I let my 2-year-old walk home by herself? Uber took care of that and partnered with the Car Seat Lady, the organization dedicated to car seat safety and co-founded by a pediatrician.

Oh, I’m sure you have more questions. Uber took care of that, too.

(Me: “This would have come in handy that time I couldn’t find the car keys and it was Sam’s first day of preschool and we had no other way to get across town except by bus and the bus was late and all his new classmates were already on their first walk together without him and…”)

How available will they be? Still waiting to hear. And yes, there’s an extra $10 surcharge, but just this week, that fee is waived.

Ride on, little families.