Look at you! The joys of summer camp. (Astrid Riecken)

Oh, I know. In theory, it sounds dreamy: The kids are away in good hands at sleepaway camp. They are happy, settled and couldn’t wait for you to leave (or not). And now you’re home alone. And lost.

You thought you would love this time. Time to get rid of unwanted toys without prying eyes and grabby hands. Time to speak to a spouse again. Time to eat a dinner that you enjoy, slowly. But you suddenly don’t remember what it’s like to be childless. So we thought you might want some help, a kick in the pants, so to speak. Sure, you could just stay at work longer. But why, when there are all these options?

Look smart and hip and get yourself (TONIGHT) to the Taffety Punk’s Bootleg Shakespeare: Pericles, Prince of Tyre. It’s free. It’s tonight only. It’s so cool — actors are given lines in advance and one day to rehearse.

Get fancy (or not) and eat like the Obamas.

Relax, drink a little wine, eat a little dinner. Did I mention relax? Jazz in the Garden. Free. Friday. You and no children.

Go see a movie. And look! It only costs price of admission — no extra $60 babysitting fees.

Try a new spot. Or a new drink.

Take a walk at dusk. Sit outside. Hold your partner’s hand. Go ahead and miss those kids, but only so much. After all, there’s a whole world out there for you to enjoy while they are tucked somewhere far, far away.

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