Alissa Chavez invented a car seat alarm system that alerts parents when they have left an infant in a car seat. Photo: Alissa Chavez

Abby Phillip reports today that another baby died because she was left in a hot car. Her foster father forgot her while he went inside to eat pizza, smoke pot and watch Game of Thrones.

I’m sick just typing that.

This is a good time to remind folks that there are ways to not forget children in cars — and yes, of course a lot of that is just to be a responsible person. But there are times when brains simply don’t connect the right way at the worst possible moment. Again, if you can stomach it, Gene Weingarten’s piece about people who forgot their children in hot cars haunts me years after first reading it.

Maybe it’s time to really take note of this smart high school student’s invention that, frankly, could be replicated and sold as a simple addition to every car seat. It looks like she’s well beyond the money she wanted to raise to create the prototype. One public safety group has started a petition asking car manufacturers to build in such a safety net.

Here’s hoping.


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