A few weeks ago, we posted a story about how to raise kind children. Without going into great detail, it was read millions — yes, millions of times.
Makes you think that perhaps we all want to have kind children, right?
Now,  Making Caring Common, the same group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education that came up with those parenting tips has released a info-graphic that takes my breath away.
Only 20 percent of kids interviewed say caring for others is their top priority. Greater than 50 percent of girls ages 7 to 12 reported at least one incident of sexual harassment in 2010-2011. And 96 percent of parents say moral character is “very important” yet 81 percent of children say happiness or achievement is their parents’ top priority.
So what’s missing here? Are we not making the message clear to our kids that we want them to be kind and caring? Or are we thinking we’re teaching them that kindness is a top priority, yet in reality just hoping they will get all A’s and be the MVP?
As the school year kicks off, a glance at this from time to time might be a good reminder of the people we are raising, and how we hope to raise them.