Once upon a time getting my boys dressed for a day out in the cold was easy. Well, not exactly easy. There was the onesie underneath the footie pajamas underneath the full body zip up teddy bear fleece underneath the stroller snuggly which inevitably all had to be redone right before walking out the door due to the noxious smell emitting from the bottom of my sweet gurgling bundle.

But had I known what was coming, I would have taken those compliant bones, drooling smiles and poorly timed poops and appreciated them all the more.

Because back in the baby years, even if my child was crying through the entire process, he wasn’t throwing an all out tantrum on the floor: arms flailing, gloves flying, screaming about his itchy sweater or the fact he couldn’t breathe with all the clothes just to get to a Bumblebee Gymnastics class in under 12 minutes. Yep, ages 2 to 5 were the challenge years where for every boy I successfully wrapped tighter than a mummy, there was another boy racing through the house naked, crying snot from his nose before being wrangled into his winter wear.

Now that my boys are no longer minis but fun sized (ages 7, 9 and 12), we’ve outgrown a lot of the dressing disasters. There is no crying or screaming about winter coats. In fact, I’ve pretty much stopped buying them because my boys have decided that it is appropriate to pretty much wear shorts and tee shirts year round.

Apparently it’s a thing. Or it is in my neighborhood and certainly in my house.

That’s right, no matter what the weather, my boys are in shorts. Yup, it’s a balmy 26 degrees this morning, definitely shorts weather.

Depending on the mood or the boy, I can generally suggest a hoodie and they will take it, unless I push, and that’s when they automatically decide that they’re not cold, never get cold, and feh to the Polar Vortex.

So I’m careful, throwing a hoodie into a jumble of other morning nonsense – brush your teeth, did you put your homework in your backpack, try this cookie I just baked, here’s your hoodie – and hope it gets lost in the shuffle.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s always a surprise. I used to fight about it and force them. I used to insist, take away privileges and ruin many a morning until I realized that they are not me (I’m wearing sweatshirts in my house with the thermostat on 70). If they’re really cold, they’ll put on pants or a coat. And that’s that.

With all the things to negotiate and argue about with my kids, here’s one I don’t really sweat.

Alisa Schindler is a stay-at-home mom of three boys, and a freelance writer. She chronicles the sweet and bittersweet moments of life in the suburbs on her blog IceScreamMama.com

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