There are many reasons to not make resolutions, I know. We hear it a lot this time of year. But when it comes to being a parent, I find the beginning of a new year to be a welcome pause to think about how I’m raising these kids of mine. A pause that those of us who are trying to guide small people along in life don’t usually remember to take.

Did you pause? Are you considering how to change a little habit or overall philosophy in the way you parent? Will you put your phone down more? Get outside with them? Make sure you have family dinner at least twice a week, or play a board game after school every other night? Maybe you’ll try to let go of the small things and stop nagging so much, or you’ll finally work on getting that morning routine down. Or, like my colleague Terri Rupar, perhaps it’s time to draw a distinct line between work and family time (she’s calling it uni-tasking, a phrase I might need to adopt).

I’m not sure what my pause will result in, but so far I’m working on things like simply looking my children in the eyes when we speak more often, instead of half listening to them while I’m thinking about work, looking at the pile of laundry, wondering whether they finished their homework. That seems simple enough, right?

I know making resolutions at this time of year can get a bad rap. But what’s wrong with taking a moment and thinking about how to be a better, more engaged, less hovering parent? Let us know what you’re thinking in terms of parenting in the new year in the form here.

If we collect enough interesting comments, we’ll share them in a separate post here in a few days, and maybe we all can learn from each other.

Happy new year, everyone.