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Ikea wants pregnant women to pee on an advertisement in a magazine for a discount

This Ikea magazine ad published in a Swedish magazine, urges women to urinate on the page to reveal a discount. (Video: Ikea/YouTube)

Ikea has a new advertisement that’s running in a Swedish magazine and asks women to pee on the page to learn about a discount.

Once a woman urinates on a strip in the ad, a discount is revealed only if she is pregnant, according to a report in Adweek.

“Peeing on this ad may change your life,” reads the promotion in Amelia magazine.

Workplaces must give moms a place to pump. The reality is quite different.

It continues: “This ad is also a pregnancy test. Pee on the marked area and wait a moment. If you are expecting, you will get a surprise right here in the ad.”

The ad uses technology similar to what’s in an at-home pregnancy test, according to Adweek.

In a home pregnancy test, if a woman has enough of the pregnancy hormone hCG, the test strip will change color to indicate she’s pregnant. In the Ikea ad, if a woman has enough hCG, the page reveals that a black-brown Sundvik crib that costs 995 krona will be on sale for 495 krona. That’s about $122 without the discount and about $60 with the discount. (No, bargain shoppers, this ad isn’t available in the United States.)

It is unclear whether the woman has to bring the pee-soaked ad into the store to get the rebate. Adweek writes that it may be “a bit gross . . . but there’s a fun twist.”

Ikea’s emailed response? “IKEA products are inspired by life itself, and are all a big part of the everyday life at home. Life contains those magical, life-changing moments, and IKEA wants to be right there when they happen. This ad was created as part of the ‘where life happens’ campaign for the Swedish market only and has been published in a limited edition of the Swedish magazine Amelia. There are no plans to place this ad in other markets, including the U.S.”

Here’s the video explaining how it works:

Ikea’s new advertisement, running in a Swedish magazine, asks women to pee on the page to learn about a discount. (Video: Taylor Turner/The Washington Post)

Ladies, what do you think? Isn’t that fun?

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