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On Parenting submissions


Interested in writing for On Parenting? Send your submissions to If you’re a member of The Post’s Talent Network, please continue to send submissions there.

If a pitch is related to a news event, please indicate that in your subject line. We welcome fully-written pieces so we can determine if it’s right for us. There are times we accept a pitch, but the piece itself doesn’t work once written. Therefore, we reserve the right to kill the piece if we can’t make it work.

Due to the volume of submissions, if you do not receive a response within a month, that means the piece was not the right fit for us and we must take a pass on it.

No more than 1,200 words, please. We’re looking for new, insightful, different pieces that have an interesting angle related to parenting. We welcome reported pieces as well as personal essays. Please familiarize yourself with our work at, our newsletter, Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you!

Amy Joyce, editor