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These moms were given their own superhero personas. What’s your superpower?

(Viera Boudreau/Courtesy of Summer Infant)

What’s your superpower, mama?

That’s the question posed (and answered) by a new campaign for Summer Infant, a company that produces baby products. The organization hired illustrator Viera Boudreau to create Marvel-style pregnant heroes so they could “celebrate real-life moms and the challenges they face in a positive way,” said Jen Johnson, vice president of brand marketing with Summer Infant. “We wanted to celebrate the amazing things they do every day.”

Sure, it’s tongue-in-cheek, and, yes, it’s an advertising campaign (their superpowers clearly coincide to a line of products, whether that be potty training or diaper bags for carrying all the things). But who can’t get behind a little mom-as-superhero action this Mother’s Day?

Tammy Preston, who has a 3-year-old daughter and a 3-week-old infant, plays the part of “Professor Potty” in the YouTube film Summer Infant created. She is capable of making sure all children are potty-trained, and, thankfully, now that she has a newborn, her 3-year-old is. The real superpower she wishes she had? “I wish I could snap my fingers and the house would be clean and food would be on the table. I’m breast-feeding, so I’m hungry all the time.”

Patty Osorio is depicted as the character “The MotherLoad” (able to carry all. the. things). She’s expecting her first child, a girl, in August and hopes her superpower once her baby is born will be to ask for help when she needs it. “It’s hard to ask for help, but something I’m going to have to live with,” she said. 

Detroit-based mom Jasmine Sumlin is “AquaMom,” she of calm and control in the waters at bath time. This stepmom to a 5-year-old, with another on the way any day now, says she wishes she had the superpower of being able to read her baby’s mind. “That’s one thing I’m nervous about, not knowing why she’s crying.” 

Stephanie Herron Rice is expecting her third child in October, and she’s Agent Momitor, the superhero who can see and hear her babies at night. (Get it? Baby monitor.) The super power she wishes she had? “Right now we’re potty training, so I wish I had X-ray vision to know when it’s coming! It would save me from a lot of hardship. And the power to de-tantrumize would be very nice. You just give ’em THE LOOK — every mom knows the look — and they just calm down and defuse the tantrum.”

You have superpowers. Let yourself know it for a minute. (Then yes, go pick that paci up from the floor and go ahead and face that stinky diaper bag.) And tell us, like these supermoms did: What are your superpowers, and which ones do you wish you had? Share your thoughts in the comments, then go bask in the fact that you are all the mom your little one needs. Happy Mother’s Day.