U.S. player Serena Williams reacts while playing against France’s Kristina Mladenovic in their women’s singles third-round match on July 6 at the 2018 Wimbledon Championships in England. (Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images)

On Saturday, as she was working through Wimbledon, Serena Williams tweeted, well, here:

She did not project her sadness into the void. Instead, she got the support of a ton of parents who have been in the same situation, missing a big first while they were working, traveling or otherwise away from their child.

I missed those first steps, too. Probably with both of my children. With the first kid, I excitedly told our sitter one Monday morning: “He took his first steps this weekend!” She smiled, laughed and clapped. “Oh really! That’s so great!” And I knew. I knew she had seen his first steps while I was at work, but I did not say anything, and she did not say anything. Years later, we laughed together about it, and all I could do was appreciate her for loving my kids.

So to the caretakers who know what to do in this case, well, thanks.

To the fellow humans who lift others up, thank you, too.

Good luck to Serena Williams, both with that Wimbledon thing, but especially with that new walker. (Watch out for coffee table corners.)

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