Our friends at The Texas Tribune are deep in coverage of the race for governor of that state between Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) and state Sen. Wendy Davis (D). The Post is partnering with the Tribune on Truth Teller as the race heads to November.

We’re starting with the candidates making keynote speeches at their respective state party conventions. In the videos below, watch for fact-checks included at the moment the candidates make claims we’ve looked into. Follow the link for more reporting about what makes that claim true, false, or in some cases, complicated to rule on.

Candidates for governor

Greg Abbott (R):

Wendy Davis (D):

Update (7/17):  You can also see Truth Teller videos of the candidates for lieutenant governor of Texas, state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (D) and state Sen. Dan Patrick (R).

Candidates for lieutenant governor: 

Leticia Van de Putte (D)

Dan Patrick (R)

As the campaign continues, we’ll add more fact-checks to the database and keep tabs on what the candidates are saying in their pursuit of governorship. Let us know in the comments of any other claims you’re hearing in the race that you’d like The Tribune and the Post to report on.