The New York Times reports on a shift in how the White House National Security Council staff are preparing for meetings under the new president.

“[W]hile Mr. Obama liked policy option papers that were three to six single-spaced pages, council staff members are now being told to keep papers to a single page, with lots of graphics and maps.
‘The president likes maps,’ one official said.”

With that in mind — and since President Trump has started taking the local paper now that he lives in Washington — we decided to take five news stories from Monday’s Washington Post and present them in Trump-friendly format.

As Flynn falls under growing pressure over Russia contacts, Trump remains silent

Sears, Kmart join other retailers in dropping Trump-branded items

Adele bests Beyoncé and the Grammys reach peak irrelevance

USTA apologizes for Nazi-era version of German anthem sung before Fed Cup match

‘Saturday Night Live’ is the newest, hottest place to punk — and persuade — President Trump

So you see: The Washington Post wants to make sure all of our subscribers are happy, including the one who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.