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The first 100 days of President @realdonaldtrump

If there were one tweet that encapsulated President Trump’s tweeting over his first 100 days in office, it would look like this one, which we invented.

The language. Over the 500-odd tweets Trump sent over his first 100 days, the most common words — excluding the, and, etc. — were “great,” “very,” “today,” “fake,” “us” and “news.”

The mention. The inclusion of a reference to the show “Fox and Friends” is to be expected. With the exception of @WhiteHouse, no other Twitter account was mentioned as regularly, with @nytimes — as in “the failing @nytimes” —  coming in a close third.

The subject. The Post’s review of the subject of each of his tweets finds that Trump talked about the media more than anything else. Usually, those tweets were critical, but occasionally Trump would promote an interview with himself or a member of his administration.

The interjection. While Trump’s tweets are famous for their use of “Sad!” as an (often not-entirely-sincere) expression of disappointment, the most common interjection over his first 100 days was “Enjoy!” It was often paired with promotions of interviews or video snippets.

The hashtag. The #MAGA hashtag, short for “Make America Great Again,” was the one most commonly used by Trump. In second place, #ICYMI — “in case you missed it.”

The emoji. Trump doesn’t use a lot of emoji, but when he does, it’s usually the American flag. The second most common emoji he used was the right-pointing arrow, often used to draw attention to a link. (It’s safe to assume that those tweets weren’t sent by Trump.)

The link. The number one destination of links from Trump’s Twitter account was Facebook. Often, those links pointed to White House content, like his weekly addresses. The second-most common link was to the news website The Hill.

Some of Trump’s tweets included a photo or a video embedded directly in the tweet. Most didn’t.

The retweets. On average, Trump’s tweets got a bit more than 20,000 retweets for his first 100 days.

The time. The two hours of each week during which Trump was most prolific were Wednesday mornings in the 8 0’clock hour and Saturdays at 9.

The device. While not displayed on Twitter’s main page, it’s safe to assume that a Trump tweet was sent from an iPhone. That’s a change from the campaign trail, when most of his tweets — and most of his most-Trump-like tweets — were sent from an Android device. In at least this one way, the White House protocols on security have won the day.

If you’re curious what the first 100 days of Barack Obama’s administration looked like on Twitter, that’s simple.

It looked like those two tweets.

When Trump tweeted:

Who Trump linked to:

  1. Facebook, 19 times
  2. The Hill, 6 times
  3. White House site, 5 times
  4. Bloomberg, 4 times
  5. Fox News, 4 times

Fun fact: The president linked to the New York Post twice and the New York Times only once.

Who Trump mentioned:

  1. @WhiteHouse, 22 times
  2. @foxandfriends, 18 times
  3. @nytimes, 17 times
  4. @FoxNews, 10 times
  5. @VP, 8 times
  6. @FLOTUS, 5 times
  7. @CNN, 5 times

Fun fact: The president mentioned Snoop Dogg on Twitter as often as he mentioned the Navy.

The hashtags Trump used:

  1. #MAGA, 8 times
  2. #ICYMI, 6 times
  3. #AmericaFirst, 5 times
  4. #ObamaCare, 4 times
  5. #USA, 3 times
  6. #RepealANDReplace, 3 times

Fun fact: Trump also once used the hashtag “#MAGA!” which, by virtue of the exclamation point, counts as a separate hashtag in our estimation.

The non-American flag emoji Trump used (once each):

  • The Canadian flag
  • The Israeli flag
  • The Irish flag
  • The finger pointing to the right

Fun fact: Mike Pence once tweeted about Israel using the sort-of-similar Nicaraguan flag emoji.

Trump’s most-used interjections:

  1. Enjoy!, 9 times
  2. Make America Great Again!, 5 times
  3. FAKE NEWS!, 4 times
  4. THANK YOU!, 4 times
  5. Terrible!, 3 times
  6. Sad!, 3 times
  7. Politics!, 2 times
  8. Watch!, 2 times
  9. Congratulations!, 2 times
  10. JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!, 2 times

Fun fact: Trump once used “Not!” as an interjection, which bears mentioning.

What Trump tweeted about:

  1. Media, 109 times
  2. Official business, 79 times
  3. Jobs, 62 times
  4. Foreign affairs, 51 times
  5. Democratic Party, 47 times
  6. Russia, 39 times
  7. Fake news, 36 times
  8. Immigration ban, 34 times
  9. Health care, 32 times
  10. Republican Party, 32 times
  11. Foreign leader, 28 times
  12. 2016 election, 25 times

Fun fact: He tweeted about The Washington Post only once, as below.