Quinnipiac University’s most recent poll mirrors past surveys from the organization in the era of Donald Trump: The president is not very popular.

The pollsters found that only 36 percent of respondents view Trump’s job performance positively, just above the low in Quinnipiac’s polling. Those figures have been lower than the running average of approval polling — Trump’s at 42 percent approval on average — but the general trend has been in line with other pollsters, in that Trump is unusually unpopular.

In this most recent survey, though, Quinnipiac included a less-common question than approval: “What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?” The results were not generally complimentary.

The most common responses, in order:
1. idiot, 39 times
2. incompetent, 31 times
3. liar, 30 times
4. leader, 25 times
5. unqualified, 25 times
6. president, 22 times
7. strong, 21 times
8. businessman, 18 times
9. ignorant, 16 times
10. egotistical, 15 times

It is good that we only did the top 10, because the 11th most-common word is not suitable for a family newspaper. It rhymes with “mass soul.” And actually, it’s only tied for 11th … with “stupid.”

That “incompetent” and “liar” rank so high shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the poll also found that 61 percent of respondents think that Trump is not honest and, again, 58 percent disapprove of the job that he’s doing.

He does slightly better when people are asked to evaluate whether he has good leadership skills. Fifty-six percent of respondents said he doesn’t, but 84 percent of Republicans said he does. They probably make up most of those 25 uses of “leader.” A majority of respondents — 62 percent — said that Trump is a strong person, which explains why “strong” ranks so high.

Special shout-out to the respondents who said the one word they would use to describe Trump was “president,” a response that ranked one step above “strong.” That sort of out-of-the-box thinking is laudable in today’s society.

I mean, at least it’s not a swear word.