Among the industries where President Trump is fostering the most job growth is legal services. Trump’s staff and allies are hiring lawyers to represent them in the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III: The vice president hired a lawyer this week, and we learned that Trump’s longtime personal lawyer hired his own attorney Friday.

But the investigation is also generating a lot of work on the other side, too. Mueller’s team has grown to 14 people, including himself. We don’t yet know who all of those people are, but we do know some of the names. The best articulation of the strength of Mueller’s team comes from Wired’s overview. They include:

  • Mueller, the former director of the FBI;
  • James Quarles, who worked on the special prosecutor team during Watergate;
  • Aaron Zebley, who captured terrorists for the FBI and has a background in cybercrime;
  • Jeannie Rhee, whose career has focused on white-collar crime;
  • Andrew Weissman, who targeted financial crime and the mob at the Justice Department;
  • Michael Dreeben, a longtime criminal prosecutor and deputy solicitor general;
  • Lisa Page, who has prosecuted money laundering cases at Justice.

Looking at the tracks of each person’s career (cobbled together from professional biographies online), the scope of the experience Mueller has brought on board is impressive.

The seven people named above have a cumulative 37 years of experience at the FBI and another 85 years at the Justice Department — nearly a century-and-a-quarter within the department responsible for investigating and prosecuting federal crime.

Tack on another 85 years in private practice, and we’re talking about 200 years of experience in the law. And that’s only half the team.

With that team lined up across the field, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a flood of reports about Trump’s staff lawyering up.