As I write, President Trump has just arrived in Poland for a brief visit before traveling to a Group of 20 summit in Germany. It is Trump’s second visit to Europe as president, the visit coming at the tail end of his trip to the Middle East in May.

That means that, as of writing, Trump will have been to Europe twice as many times as he has been to the west of the Mississippi River.

It’s a pretty remarkable little detail. The president of the United States has not only been across the traditional east-west boundary of the continental United States only once during the first six months of his term, but, when he did, he was fewer than 50 miles beyond it.

You can see that one trip to Iowa on the map above, but the point is made more clearly on the map below.

As you can see from the yellow lines on that map, Trump has traveled a fair amount in the eastern half of the country. That said, most of that travel has been on the weekends to properties that are owned by Trump’s private business.

As of Tuesday, Trump had visited a Trump Organization property on 49 of the 166 days of his presidency — about 30 percent of the total.

Most of those trips were to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., or to his golf club in Sterling, Va. With the advent of summer, though, he has also taken to visiting his club in Bedminster, N.J. By our estimates, Trump has probably played golf on about 30 of those days. At four hours a game (about the amount of time he goes off the radar, according to pool reports), that would be 120 hours on the course — or five full days of his 167 in office spent playing golf.

When we label those trips on the map below, they gain a little more context. Most of the yellow lines that are not to his own properties represent journeys to places he has visited only once.

What’s particularly interesting about this pattern is how little attention Trump has paid to states that voted for him in 2016. Florida fares the best, but New Jersey and Virginia backed Hillary Clinton. In total, he has made 11 trips to states he won in November, excluding Florida — as many trips as he has made to his golf club near the White House.

All of those, save Iowa, of course, are east of the Mississippi.