It has been almost precisely six months since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Over that period, he’s made three trips overseas, spent 41 nights sleeping somewhere besides the White House and tallied 701 hours at his properties outside the nation’s capital.

We scoured White House pool reports since Jan. 20 to account for every single minute that President Trump spent in D.C., traveling to or from the White House and visiting other locations. Broken down by month, it looks like this.

The sole trip west of the Mississippi was to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in late June.

Trump has spent more than 3,100 hours in D.C., more than four times the amount of time he’s spent at properties that are part of his business empire outside of D.C. He’s spent the equivalent of about 29 days at his own properties.

In total, Trump’s been in D.C. for nearly three-quarters of his time in office. He’s spent about 16 percent of that time at his personal properties. He’s also spent about 4 percent of his entire time in office on Air Force One, Marine One or motorcading between locations.

Note that this time spent at his own properties excludes his hotel in D.C. itself, which is included in the overall figure for time spent in D.C. He’s visited a Trump property for all or part of 53 days since he took office. This includes days on which he traveled to, say, Mar-a-Lago, arriving late in the evening.

On 31 days, we estimate that he has played golf. The White House rarely admits when Trump has played a round, hence the estimate.

Of the 181 nights he’s been president, he’s spent 140 of them at the White House. He’s spent another 28 at his own properties — the equivalent of the entire month of February.

So far, this month is the one during which Trump has spent the least time in Washington. Only 44.6 percent of July has been spent within the District’s boundaries.

But precisely six months from the moment he took office, Trump was indeed at the White House, only a few blocks northwest of where he officially became president.