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Every third day of his presidency, Trump has stopped by a Trump-branded property

President Trump speaks to reporters last week at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. (Evan Vucci/AP)
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On Monday night, President Trump made his first visit back to his home at Trump Tower since being inaugurated on Jan. 20. It was not, of course, the first time he visited a building that bore his name since his inauguration; it wasn’t even the first time that day that he’d swung by a Trump-branded property. He woke up at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., swung by the White House for a bit, then jetted off to Trump Tower to spend the night.

But rest assured, he still likes the not-a-dump White House — and the United States more broadly.

Love for the United States notwithstanding, Trump has only been west of the Mississippi once since being inaugurated. He has been to his golf club in Sterling, Va., 15 times.

In fact, the trip to Trump Tower was his 47th visit to a Trump property as president, following an 11-day visit to Bedminster. In total, Trump has visited a Trump-branded property on 69 individual days of his presidency, out of 208 days total. That is 33 percent of all of the days he has been president, or once every three days. He has visited a Trump property on all or part of more than half of the days in July and August.

On many of those days, he has played golf. While he is at Bedminster, it can be hard to tell when he plays, because the press is not allowed into the club (and because he prefers not to confirm his frequent golf games). He has held meetings or events at Bedminster over the past week, but those often start after 1 p.m. — the time that he usually finishes a round of golf when he plays at his club in Sterling. Setting aside Aug. 7 (when it was raining) and Aug. 11 (when his day started with a lunch with Vice President Pence) it seems probable that he played every other day that he has been at the club this month. (Except Aug. 4 and 14, when he was traveling to or from it.) On at least three of those days, social media evidence has emerged that show Trump either in a golf cart or dressed for a game.

If our estimates are correct, that is 42 days on which Trump has played golf, a rate of once every 5 days. President Barack Obama, whose fondness for golf made him a punching bag among Republicans — including Trump — played once every 8.8 days in his tenure.

The last time Trump was in the United States but did not visit a Trump-branded property on a Saturday or Sunday was June 18. Since Feb. 1, he has visited a Trump-branded property on 43 of 52 weekend days that he has been in the United States.

How often does he visit a Trump-brand property? We made a little game testing your ability to guess if he visited a property on a given day of his presidency. Tip: A third of the time, the answer will be yes.

Incidentally: This tweet was six years ago Monday.